Radio Sales

New FT857 bought late July 2018 serial number “8” (2018 model), unpacked and tested, fully boxed with separation extension lead/Mic/DC lead/warranty…………£500 cash/Collect/test/Southampton

Antenna Tuners

New Icom AH4 ATU, never taken out of box, bought for a commercial marine project which is now cancelled………..£250 cash/Collect/Southampton

Codar AT5 Clearance

We were currently refurbishing a number of vintage 1964 80/160 Mtr transmitters known as the Codar AT5 for a client, sadly he has passed away. Some are already restored and pictured below. We do have a collection of original spares we have obtained to refurbish the AT5 etc. Some of the AT5 units have had the meters replaced, valves replaced etc etc, Belling Lee coax connectors replaced (with new originals) and where possible original parts have been used.

All the cases have been taken down to bear metal, primered and then painted as original. They are now in pristine condition.

We also have power supplies for the AT5 plus lots of spare parts like the transformers, mode switch, sliding switch (exact version), new meters (100 m/a), original belling lee coax sockets, knobs, valves, chokes etc etc.

Power supply to Transmitter leads. The lead is a 4 wire unit which carries the following viewed from the front pins not the rear solder pins: Pins 1&2 Neg DC and Neg Filament: Pins 3/4/5 Filament + 6.3 volts: Pin 6 Not used: Pin 7 150 volts dc stabilised: Pin 8 285 > 325 volts dc: Pin 9 not used. (Standard Codar wiring with B9A pin plugs on each end and the length is 450mm and 600mm). Some leads have the facility to measure the voltages as the plug has a rear mounted insulated socket. Only £20 plus p/p

Custom made cases for AT5 ATU only £18.00 plus p/p

Codar AT5 160/80 Mtr Units breaking up units for spares. Most parts available.

Power Supply cases below: Some of these units have been butchered by previous owners so they have been stripped and put back to original factory built units, less choke and mains transformer but include new original mains slide switch, new belling lee coax sockets, fitted B9A and B7G valve holders for OA2/EZ80/81, new rubber feet, and repainted top cover etc plus a FREE 9 pin to 9 pin lead worth £20, all for £45 + p/p………….paypal accepted. (New Transformers and chokes available POA).

New boxed HT Chokes: New boxed 6.3v filament transformers, New boxed 0 > 250 volt transformers, slow motion dials, New AT5 faceplates, New 100 m/a meters, B9A leads with plugs on each end (6.3v versions only). A few Codar AT5 units which have been refurbished are still available before they are broken up for parts/spares………paypal accepted.

Last Few Units Left:

Codar AT5 with B9A > B9A lead for PSU £100.00

Codar Mains PSU (Will need PAT testing) £100.00

Spare Valves. New front panels, Meters, B9A leads, Acos Crystal Mics, Dials, New Belling Lee Coax Sockets, Chokes, Transformers and virtually all parts for the AT5, All T28 parts now sold. A few chassis and mod transformers, PA coils etc etc