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Q-MAC HF 90 Transceivers (Selling OBH of Vender)

Limited stocks: Fully tested Q-MAC HF90 50w HF Transceivers ex ORI, multi-band antenna, solar panel charging kit Tracer Li-Poly 22 amp lightweight battery pack, mic, programming kit etc, complete HF kits: Seller has 5 kits available to be sold as one batch. 

Above: Matching transformer 49/1  multi core Ni/Zn wound with PTFE wire were samples designed for Overseas BRC & ORI for an emergency package around 5MHz and used for portable applications, not permanent installations, 50 watt version. Box size 60 x 40 x 25 mm VERY LIGHTWEIGHT UNIT weighing a total of just 6 ounces with multi-strand PTFE wire cut down for 14/28MHz (approx 10 mtrs long) or approx 9 ounces for 7/14/21/28MHz (approx 20 mtrs long), end insulators supplied. No tuner needed but can be used for other frequencies.

Custom made samples for overseas commercial customers of Q-Mac HF90 50 watt radio and Codan 125 watt variants, high impedance dual and tri-core versions PTFE wound, mini units 50 & 125 watt versions.

Multi frequency units, single or multi band matching units with or without lines to cover 7 > 28MHz

Examples of line lengths/frequencies

EG: 26mtr line and 26 mtrs coax = 2.75/5.5/11//16.5MHz. No tuner required

EG: Sweep above with 20 mtr line and 20 mtrs coax = 7/14/18/21/28 MHz. No tuner required

EG: 40mtr line and 20 mtrs coax = 3.5/7/14/18/21/27-28 MHz No tuner required

Many other variations possible

BELOW: Dual core PTFE wound 49/1 50 watt rated, ideal for /P operations, samples designed for Commercial Q Mac HF90 tx/rx, VERY small boxed package, ultra lightweight at just 3 ounces…………….. BNC or SO239 socket

BELOW: Tri-Core PTFE wound 49/1 125 watt rated, samples designed for Codan Transceivers, boxed with spring loaded connector…………

BELOW: Heavy duty commercial samples available to clear, several available just add you wire for single or multi-band frequencies, BNC/”N” type or SO239.

Units operate from 2.5 > 30MHz:  50 watts pep or 125 watts pep versions

Perfect resonance on frequencies you require, no through loss, no load resistors, just a single wire and our top quality Hi-Impedance Un/Un matching unit.


Lots of crazy offers to clear,  some specially built balun configurations, lots and lots of offers and even some freebies.

Above: VHF matching unit, 30 to 70MHz, banded frequencies, Resonant end fed using 1/2 wave length of Kevlar wire, made for 38MHz, now set up on 50MHz, 125 watt pep rated. Very efficient, no through loss. UV protected enclosure, connector options BNC-“N”-SO239.  

Collection of new MIL spec Baluns

A collection of new MIL spec baluns made for an overseas customer who never paid: 4/1 current balun @ 125 w pep, 4/1 UN/UN @ 125 w pep, 4/1 Voltage @ 125 w pep and 49/1 @ 125 watts pep.

The 49/1 is the halfwave matching box, 3 > 30MHz 125 w pep rated……………………commercial price £125 ++ >

The 4/1 Guanella current unit is multi core Ni/Zn PTFE wound, 125 w pep, resin potted…………..commercial price £125 ++

The 4/1 Voltage unit is a multi core Ni/Zn PTFE wound, 125 w pep, resin potted……………commercial cost £125 ++

The 4/1 un/un is multi core as above, resin potted, 125 w pep……………commercial cost £125 ++>

All 4 units are in the same UV protected enclosure as pictured below SO239 sockets on all units.


Above: Test with approx 19 mtrs of wire, resonant on 7/14/21/28MHz but can be used for any frequency 3 > 30MHz: Sample above tested with 19 mtrs wire typically giving:7MHz RL 18db: 14MHz RL 21db: 21MHz RL 36db: 28MHz 14db:


Above: Multi core 4/1 TRUE current balun (multi-core unit) sweep 0 > 30MHz: Typical RL figures: 3MHz 26/28db: 15MHz 22db: UV proof, resin potted.


Above:  4/1 Multi core Voltage balun sweep 0 > 30MHz  (32db RL @ 7 > 26MHz). UV proof, resin potted.


Above:  4/1 Multi core Unbal/Unbal unit sweep 0 > 30MHz  (32db RL @ 15MHz >). UV proof, resin potted.


Lots of super bargains here!


New Military Ceramic Insulators

About 20 of these available, superb for bringing ladderline into shed or for high power ATU etc, brand new with rubber gasket.


4/1 UN/UN Specials

We have a few very special 4/1 un/un units, 3 Ni/Zn cores wound with MIL Spec DEF 210 PTFE wire, lightweight and made for Manpack HF comms antennas, PTFE SO239 socket, Stainless hardware with line/coax strain reliefs, resin potted in mini UV protected enclosure. A magnificent return loss (VSWR sweep) at 34db (1.04 > 1) over the HF spectrum. Rated at 125 w pep over 2 > 30MHz+. Guaranteed the finest units available. Serial number and individually sweep/tested!  ONLY £30.00 INCLUDING UK POST: 



Heavy Duty Cores

On the left is a heavy duty Ni/Zn core, on the right is Amidon FT240 series, the heavy duty cores will handle much more power and are better matching

Special Ni/Zn cores below, used for combinations of 4/1 voltage and 4/1 un/un (125 watts = 4 cores), 8 cores for 400w, 12 cores for 1kw pep. For 49/1 or 64/1 units @ 125 watts, 3 cores are needed. TO CLEAR: Cost £1 each plus UK p/p: MINIMUM ORDER VALUE £20 PLUS UK POST