Harwell Rally Feb 2019 For Sale List:


We have a MASSIVE amount of clearance items from our Commercial operations, many of the items are left overs from orders, samples etc, one offs including 1/1 resin potted chokes (500/1000/2000/3000 watt pep) from just £10. (EIA/BNC/SO239/”N” TYPE and various mixtures of sockets, some are BNC to SO239, BNC to TNC, “C” type to BNC,  etc)

Below, Type 43 sleeve 1/1 PTFE coaxial unit resin potted ONLY £10 LIMITED STOCKS

1KW + 2KW + 3KW PEP versions, SO239/”N” TYPE and EIA 7/16 Sockets below.

Resin potted RG142 double screened PTFE coax on 2 and 3kw versions that were left over from a commercial installation, used for line noise reduction and incorporating special cores and coax, £20 > £30 each!!!

Many other types of baluns/matching transformers, all resin potted, commercial 125 watt pep, PTFE SO239 or BNC or “N” type sockets,  4/1 voltage, true current baluns and un/un units, 9/1 un/un versions, just £15 each !!! LIMITED STOCKS

End Fed Matching units & complete antennas (limited stocks at the show)

Cut down versions of our Commercial HF resonant multi-core end fed antennas


These units knock the spots off anything made, top quality and REALLY LOW PRICE: Cut down versions of our Commercial HF resonant multi-core end fed antennas.

2 and 3 core versions PTFE wound

UV Protected Enclosure

Quick release spring loaded transmission line connector for single or multiple frequency lines

Resin Potted to last a lifetime

Stainless Steel Hardware

PTFE sockets (N/SO239/BNC options)

100Kg breaking strain Kevlar wire

Strain Relief for transmission line

End insulator supplied with complete antennas

Winding spool

Each one is tested with sweep as supplied to commercial users

Individual serial numbers

And the best bit? THE PRICE!!!

New cut down versions of our 6MHz Marine SSB Commercial HF resonant multi-core end fed antennas

Matching units, BNC/SO239 or “N” type connectors, resin potted, 2 and 3 core versions, just add a half-wave wire and your on the air, commercial quality and built for commercial users for portable HF applications, rated @ 50 w pep and 125 watts pep, superb for SSB/DATA/ALE etc, no tuner required and zero insertion loss,  FROM £12!!!!! Great for /p use.

Matching units, BNC/SO239 or “N” type connectors, resin potted and rated as above, eg: supplied with approx 9+ mtrs of kevlar setup/tested on 14MHz (500KHz bandwidth @ 1.2/1 = 21db RL) and also work on the next harmonic which is 28MHz £20, commercial quality with no through losses, documented serial numbers, over 800 in use in the field by professional commercial users of Codan/Barrett Radios, we have adapted these few for amateur use from our 6MHz SSB Marine units and other commercial frequencies,  available in 50 watt or 125 watt pep versions. FULL IP68 UV protected units. LIMITED STOCKS

New cut down versions of our 6MHz Marine SSB Commercial HF resonant multi-core end fed antennas

28Mhz 50 watt version with kevlar wire £15!!!!: 28MHz 125 watt version with kevlar wire £18: 14/28MHz 125 watt version with kevlar wire £20: 7/14/28MHz versions with Kevlar wire on spool £30!!!! LIMITED STOCKS

Commercial Model BAT80/50 (50w dual core) adapted for Amateur use, single or multiple frequency operation. Matching Box only £12!!!!! 

Commercial Model C3/125 (125w tri-core) adapted for Amateur use, single or multiple frequency operation. Matching Box only £15!!!!! 

Also available for 7MHz and will work on the multiple harmonics without a tuner, 40/20/10 from one simple wire!! 125 watt version £30

A few Amateur VHF/UHF Handhelds, mint condition with good battery packs and lots of new packs, dc adaptor, chargers etc………….. From £10 ea

Yaesu microphones, several new tested units, £10 each

New/Boxed FT857D DSP2 version, 2 1/2 years warranty, never been used, 2 new Comet mobile antennas or 2 resonant single frequency end fed antennas FREE with this item at the show, £500 cash

AT5 Transmitter #1 with spares

Tecsun PL880, mint new cased/boxed with spare battery £100

AT5 Transmitter #2 with spares

NOS RS RF Inter-series connector kits

NEW SDR Magnetic baluns, various models and ratios, all resin potted, commercial quality, 12/1, 16/1, 24/1, etc £15 each

CN801 1.8 to 200MHz 2kw VSWR meter new boxed £50

LDG RT100 remote ATU

Matching Transformers:  (Below) 9/1 un/un units, 4/1 un/un units, multi-core units, made for overseas commercial antenna manufacturer, BNC/SO239/”N” type connectors, 125 watt pep commercially rated for SSB/ALE/Data modes, resin potted, LIMITED STOCKS £15 each

Above: 4/1 un/un rated at 125 watts, 31db RL, fully resin potted, multi-cores, BNC or SO239 socket, LIMITED STOCKS £15 each

AT5 Transmitter #3 with PSU and spares £200

Bird 150w load, mint

Bearcat scanner £30

MFJ 1621 portable ATU £50

Very high quality low “R” commercial antenna wire, used for large arrays, normally £6 per mtr, odd lengths, end of reels just £1 per mtr

Commercial Mil dipole centres £5

24 x New Comet HF & 6mtrs mobile antennas £10 ea

Balun Design Books £10 ea

ATX portable HF antenna £40.00

Portable Tripods with fittings to take 1/4 wave radials for above ATX making a superb portable antenna system £30.00

New Antex (25w) and new Sealey (100w) soldering irons £10 ea


New Receive antennas: (can also be used for 10w low power transmit), 24 way switchable ferrite ring with 1 mtr telescopic antenna and coax plus PL259 plug, 3 different models, several made for ???? monitoring dept in UK, works from 2 to 450MHz. You can add additional wires to rear spring loaded connectors, ie: 1/2 wave line and half wave radials to give you an external antenna and ATU. £25 > £30 ea (Limited quantity)  See page info HERE

Die-cast boxes, new, large and small types, 2 for £5

PTFE tube, RS branded, 5 mtrs new in packets £1 each

New CW memory keyer £10


Mil spec insulators, ceramic with rubber seal, can be used as leadthru or standoff, cost £30 each………………..£5 each

Stainless Steel pulleys

New reels of solder 1/2 price! £5

Quality solder braid made in Japan, 30 mtrs, 2 and 3mm reels, new, £10 ea

Lots more and pictures later

Watch this page in January for some MEGA crazy offers at the Harwell Rally, Didcot, Oxfordshire.

Possible SK sale of equipment: KW2000A and “B”, Mint TS940, and much more…………………

Lots more coming….