WWW.RFCOMMS.UK supply RF components including HF Antennas, Antenna Parts, Insulators, Baluns, High quality ferrite cores, Connectors, RF Parts, Mil’ Spec Parts, Chokes, PTFE Wire and PTFE Coaxial Cable, Vintage Capacitors and Resistors, Meters, Valves/Tubes, plus much more some of which are leftover items from our Commercial Sales (www.rfcomms.co.uk).

Special balun offers. See the balun page for current stock.

Tracer Li-Poly 12 volt dc 8 and 22 amp units to clear, ultra lightweight and complete with AC and DC chargers, new boxed and only used to show Commercial customers of their uses in the communications world. 8 amp version £50, 22 amp versions £75 saving over £200!! Email for payment/collection details